$ values ​​of political change

hello.'ve been reviewing the part about modding, and I wonder if there is any way to modify the values ​​(both minimus as maxima) of taxes and other policies. me explain.

  • A tax XX has the initial value (no change) and 1.78 bn 750mn minimum of maximum, and would like to take it to for example 1.5 bn and 4bn
    csv and txt files with the parameters you want to change and found, what I would need to explain is the procedure.
    thanks for answering

Sorry pal,

Yes, there is a way. But modifying
tax income up just like that.
I see this as making money from nothing,
and hitting the game balance heavily.
I see this to be cheating :frowning:

Second, you do not want to go this way - believe me.
It will spoil/waste your own game experience,
because you will ALWAYS win. You will be bored
after a few playthrus.

Please try to reduce Difficulty, first.
( Difficulty 50%, 100%, no Mods, no additional countries
for your first playthrus. )
This will reduce costs of policies
giving you more surplus.
Please consider: your job is to be head of government
and to run a country. This IS a complex task!

But by playing you will learn many details,
become better, game will become easier for you,
and then there is still more Difficulty level,
more challenge for your next games :slight_smile:

Best regards,