How to get out of the Joust box

I have discovered a rather amusing way of spreading the fleet out in Joust box starts.

  1. Build a couple of “spacer” frigates, with an engine and crew. Use 4 spacers, and A for anchor

13A Formation


Your fleet is set to stay in formation with spacer frigate 1. Frigate 1 is set in formation with spacer 2. Spacer 2 is set to ESCORT frigate 3, Frigate 3 is set to formation on frigate 4, which is set to escort the anchor ship A. The result is that the Formation will head straight up at first, and then move at the same speed as the anchor ship, A.

This can also be used as a technique to “cross the enemies’ T”, as you can direct your fleet to move in formation with a ship that is well back, at least with a sufficiently deep Joust box. It can also be used to get a decoy ship way up in a corner of your choice.

If the diagram was a little confusing, let me explain. Ship 1 will maintain the same relative position with respect to ship 2. But ship 2 is moving to escort ship 3 at speed 2 or so. At the same time, ship 3 is trying to maintain its own position with respect to ship 4. And ship 4 is zipping up to orbit ship A.

Meanwhile, the ship or formation that you want to head generally up and after that to the right, (as ship A advances) is maintaining position with respect to ship 1.