How to make a transparent dds?

Everything I have shows up in a square, which doesn’t look good. After perusing the forum, I saw that several people used Photoshop with a special addon or something. I lack the funds to purchase Photoshop nor do I have the will to pirate it. How can I make the transparent images as I want?

Most people use gimp and a .dds plugin
as for a transparent dds - the “transparency” is controlled in the alpha channel also works.

From what I’ve been told Paint.NET does .dds files just as well as Photoshop, and it’s free.

Thanks guys, I managed to get it working. Here’s a small preview of what I hope to finish, though it’s not like no one’s done it ever.

Star Trek is always fun! I was actually considering bringing a bunch of the Star Trek Online ships into GSB, but decided I better finish my Stargate mod first. If you want you can have a copy of the collection of Star Trek ship images I’ve collected for future GSB mods… . There’s quite a few good quality top view images of numerous ships.

Thanks! Though for me, finding a bunch of high-quality Star Trek images from the top-down was a total bitch! It took like 2 hours to find 20!

EDIT: Where did you find these? Mine are a little mismatched since they seem to come from different sources, but yours are so uniform, though not as high-rez.

I got them all from the Star Trek Online website. I think by now they’ve actually added a few more if you’re interested.

I’ll definitely give it a look later