Hull Editor Problems


I’m currently working on a Star Trek mod, and have been using the built in hull editor to take care of the boring stuff. However, a week or so ago, it stopped working - to be more specific, whenever I click the save button, no matter what changes I’ve made, if any at all, the game crashes instantly. I do understand the fact that the hull editor is nothing if not unstable, and I am willing to do the rest of the mod by text, but if anyone knows a fix to this, it is highly appreciated.

G’Day USSCrazybat

While i can’t really suggest any particular solution at the moment, if you can give me a blow by blow description on the road to destruction, hopefully i can re-create the situation on my end and help find a solution.

An interim idea might be to edit one of the vanilla ships and see if that crashes the game. It will at lease eliminate the possibility that your mod is causing the issue.

I cannot say for sure when I damaged anything, and I have separated the mod in another folder. I’m currently redownloading the game from steam, to see if it corrects the problem.

EDIT: Redownloading it from steam seems to have done the trick. No worries :wink:

Ah yes, a redownload is always a good start.

Awesome - have fun modding