I can not work out how teh challenge mode works PLEASE HELP

Me and my mate just got this game and think it will be fun but for the life of us we can not work out how the challenge mode works… Like we can make a challenge and “send it” but then what.

I log in I see a msg from my mate it says… hey here is a challenge… but now what? How do i infact play it… I mean I can sort challenges by ALL and see a bazillion files… like i can randomly chose one of them and play but is there a search to a filter or something so i can search by FROM or something…

No idea what i am meant to do here… so what I am asking is how to you issue and accept challenged?

You should probably uncheck the box that makes you see all challenges and check the box for personal challenges.

Might be helpful.

I tried all check boxes… nothing…

You tried them all at once or one at at time?

one at a time.

just have the personal one ticked, and you should only see challenges sent to you by name.

no that doesn’t work i have tried all the check boxes.

Made a video to demo it…

See the challenge is in my inbox… but searching on any tick box gives nothing and even searching ALL and sorting by FROM his name is not in the list.

I think I know what this is. Your username is aJynks and he has posted them to ajynks. I changed those 2 challenges to be aimed at aJynksm, so you should see them now. It is case sensitive :frowning:

I guess the problem is that the server doesn’t check if the destination user exists.

Yes absolutely, it should dynamically list them as you type too, or at least let you search. One day…

nope… still no go…

what is your current username, excatly, with any spaces or capitalisation?


This has happened to me, too.

SirBayer sent me a challenge and I can’t see it, perhaps because it’s not a retaliation. My forum name and GSB name are in all ways identical.

I edited it. He had a lowercase ‘p’. I accept this is a pain and will try to fix it.

Oh. Huh.

I still can’t see it.

I just logegd in as you and I can definitely see it. You have tried refreshing the list? If all else fails try deleting
\my documents\ my games\gratuitous space battles\web\challenges\challengelist.txt
then restarting gsb and refreshing the challenge list again

thanks… but i have moved on… this experience has turned me off…

It seems that wor-WHOA

I had FOUR challenges in personal before!

Now I have like a bajillion.

Something is not right here.

Further clarification: A lot of those are retaliations and such that disappeared a while back, around one of the patches I think…