Idea - Community Balance Mod?

Just throwing out an idea here.

I think we’ve all identified things in this game that could be balanced. We all have ideas about how certain numbers should be changed around, and if we could put all of those ideas into a mod/patch, we could use it in tournaments, which I think would then be much more creative and diverse. The problem of course, is how do we collectively decide on what numbers to use? That I don’t have an answer for.

But as it is, I think tribe, and to a lesser extent, swarm are both way too dominant compared to the other races, and so in any competitive environment, you really see a lack of diversity, and 90% of the stuff never being used. When was the last time you saw Empire? Alliance? So how about we do something about it?

The best idea would be to put them in the “sugestions” forum so that cliff can make them official!