Idea: PBS

How about adding a public service broadcasting policy? It would maybe liberals but annoy capitalists.


what do you mean by public service broadcasting?

do you mean state-sponsored or state-controlled? or will those be the options?

In the event of state-control, I can’t quite see it appeasing any liberals.

we have public funded broadcasting in the UK. Generally people assume its popular with liberals. I like it (I hate ads in TV shows) but the problem is there are still ads between shows, just ads for public TV!
But yes, I like it as a policy idea.

compared with the constant barrage of ads on commercial TV, BBC is excellent. I couldnt stand american TV in comparison, its barely like the titles have finished for a show and they take an ad break.

Well the “Liberals” tend to like public broadcasting but what a modern-day Liberal is and a Classic Liberal is very different and this has been discussed before. Modern Liberals yes, Classic Liberals no. Classic Liberals wouldn’t be in favour. This is one issue with Democracy that is a mystery, the whole “Liberal” label. Classic Liberals seem like modern-day Libertarians and Modern Liberals I think are a less radical version of the “New Left.” I know that Cliff aimed to replicate modern-day Liberals in the game but in Democracy, the “Liberal” group seems to be a combination of classical and modern.

For eg. Liberals in this game tend to be against gun control and are for freedom of expression (in favour of extremist protesters having their right in the game). This would seem like traits of a Classic Liberal and not that of Modern liberals who are very strict on gun control and are only for freedom of speech for views they do like (For eg. Liberals feel that it is their right to censor politically incorrect speech… they are far from pro-freedom of speech like the “Liberals” in the game) They seem to be the first to exercise “freedom of speech” when laughing at a Jesus comic but are the first to throw a fit when a Danish newspaper shows a cartoon of Muhammad. Yeah I know I’m biased against modern liberals but generally (not all liberals are the same), it’s true. :laughing:

Um, sweeping caricatures notwithstanding, I do think the game mechanics generally lend themselves to treating the two kinds of liberalism the same way. Especially as a contrast to the sort of traditional-standards-enforcing legal moralism of the conservatives, liberals can easily be understood as believing in the priority of the individual over the state and as being broadly in favor of personal freedom (but in a less narrow sense than that of the strictly classical liberal, who seems unable to recognize the existence of positive rights).
So Libertarians would be people who fall in the Liberal and Capitalist groups, and their aversion to government involvement in economic matters would offset whatever support for public broadcasting their liberalism might have created. People strongly in favor of PBS would likely be Liberal and Socialist.