Ban advertising

Hi Cliff and community!
This morning I was seeing a program on dmax and I arrived when the advertisement was about to arrive so I thought about the effects that banning advertising would have and they are these:

  1. The capitalists would get angry
  2. Conservatives would be happy
  3. MAYBE the GDP would drop a little
  4. Confidence in the business would be lowered because I cannot advertise a product and investors go to another country
  5. Everyone would be very happy

Now the law should be set like this:

  1. Prohibited in newspapers
  2. Forbidden on TV
  3. Prohibited on websites
  4. Completely prohibited

That’s it, I hope it is implemented.
If you have something to say just write a comment. You too Cliff :)!

See you later!!!


How about the TV campaigns regarding bicycles, alcohol, smoking, cyberbullying, stamp out racism policies? Are those whipped away?

I do not understand what you’re saying

There’s policies that use commercials to send its message


It’s an advertisment and this policy can prevent those commericials from happening.

So what do you think? This might be interesting

I thought of eliminating advertisements directly, not eliminating them through TV campaigns

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Oh I see, I was thinking that the TV campaigns = ads = stuff that interrupts you from watching something so it influences you to do a choise

Ahhh! :smiley: I get it. They will surely find a way to insert a commercial break. By banning advertising you are sure that there will be no interruption so then you can put TV campaigns or whatever

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Environmentalists would be happy too.


why? Not all advertisements are necessarily unenvironmental

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I don’t think I’ve heard of TV ads directly contributing to the Great Pacific garbage patch. :joy:

Lowered ads would (probably) mean lower consumption and impulse buying from the general populace, which will make environmentalists and possibly socialists happy. That’s my take on it, at least.

Yes, but if that’s why even motorists would be unhappy about the lack of vehicle advertising …

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Online shopping exists.

Ok, I don’t mean that they will deliver the ultimate generation car with the drones :joy:, I believe they can simply search up about car sales without necessarily being advertised to, I never heard a driver complaining about a lack of ads ever. :joy:

In fact, environmentalists shouldn’t complain either. Do not you think?

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Do environmentalists spread their ideology through TV ads?