Impossible Manifestos

I’m running the latest alpha build, so the version isn’t the issue. Just now, I promised my constituents that I would raise the Jury Trial budget by 50%. This would be all fine and good, except the budget is already at 100%. So now I need somehow to raise this policy’s budget to 150% or my trustworthiness will take a hit.
I’m guessing this was not intentional. Has anyone else encountered this bug?


thats interesting, definitely sounds like a bug! I will add it to our bug list…

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There’s actually a bunch of issues like that. I think the mandates are generally insufficiently fine-grained. They talk of huge changes all the time, and entirely regardless of whether those are possible.
One mandate was to lower time between elections, but it was already minimal!
I think it should scale with how extreme a change is even possible. If it’s maxed out, that direction simply shouldn’t exist. If it’s very high but not maxed, maybe a 5% increase can be a reasonable mandate, but certainly not a crazy 25% increase or what ever.