Inno setup question

Um I tried to look at this and I’m lost saddly, I would like to make a install for my eve-online mod but i have no clue as to were to start :frowning:

Lone Starr

I have to wait until i get home to have a go at creating one of these. If i get anywhere i will try and help as best as i can . .
But until then, i am in the same boat :frowning:

Hmm, its too easy to install mods on this game, ¿u guys really need an installer? is as easy as copy / paste… and all the mods are installed by the same way… u have a file in the install folder of the game, in that file u indicates the path of the mod, for example path = mymod. Then u just need to put your mod on the gratuitous base folder and thats it. As u see, using an installer for this is almost absurd…

While i agree with you that mods are easy to install, I have had several people email me with questions asking how to install one of my mods.

Also, there is also the more complex mods (for example, total conversion mods) which change a large about of original files.
The advantage of using an installer program is that you can also have the uninstaller (if i understand it correctly).

Cliffski had posted that we should use it and well I just do not understand how to use it.

Of course, a total conversion mods indicates that u just remove all the original content and u replace it with another. But almost 95% of the mods are installed apart from the original game in a whole folder, so u will never be messing up with the original game. But nothing more complicated than making a backup of the original game… before u install any mod. If u make a backup, u will have the original game with the mods installed on a backup copy and u can restore it whenever u want, including the mods u had in that moment.

Very true N3MES1S (I also use the same method) . . but I would hazard a guess and say that you are an experienced modder / mod user.
I would like to point out that there may be people out there that are not as adept as you.
(for example, i have no clue on how to install / make a mod for Half life 2)

The GSB community is one of the most supportive group I have seen in a long while especially when it comes to first time gamers.
This installer is just another way that a modder can help the ‘n00bs’ install a mod.

The most important fact is that in the end it comes down to your personal preference as the modder.
There is nothing that says that you need to create an install program for your mod (which does looks awesome BTW).