Patching and Mods

Has anyone developed a way of distributing mods easily?
I can release a whole bunch of files and tell people where to copy them to, but it would be better if they were just able to run an installer and it placed mods, new races, etc in the correct locations.

Anyone able to help with suggestions/ideas ?

I recommend inno setup
it’s free, and easy to use. It’s used for the GSB installer.


This should make it easier for me to deploy new races and ships to people.

This site also has a very nice free install creator. They have a really nice patch maker that is awesome. It doesn’t matter so much for this game I think but it works great if you have a lot of files that need modified/updated. It will actually make smaller installers and literally update the original files with your changes. Especially good if your patches are large. I used it for Neverwinter Nights mods.

There is another option. If you look in the data/installs folder you’ll find a file called tribe. This file appears to point the game in the direction of the tribes expansion folder. I think it may be possible to drop your own file in there and have the game load from other “expansion” folders. Will have to check it out.