How do I install a Mod?

Ok guys i searched and searched for a thread on how to actually install these things but couldnt find one, i looked in the GSB folder and didnt see anywhere to place the mod. Could someone please help me out, thanks

I am not sure which mod you are trying to install. For legios and scavenger, all you have to do is copy the files into your GSB directory.

Generic Mod Enabler

download this,install it in the main GSB folder as per instructions (there are 2 ways to use this program,READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY)
it creates a MODS folder,all you need to do is copy the mods into that folder,each to its own subfolder with some descriptive name

for example:
D:\Gratuitous Space Battles\MODS\Star Wars Reloaded - thats where i have the latest star wars mod copied,this folder then contains the “GTSW” and “data” folders which are the mod itself

another example:
D:\Gratuitous Space Battles\MODS\Legios_1_10 - contains “legios” and “data” folders,and two readme files that came with the mod

basically what GME does is takes the stuff saved in the given governing mod folder, and copies it in the main GSB directory, while creating a backup where necessary

should be fairly easy to figure this out from here… you can enable/disable the mods from GME so feel free to experiment… if it wont work,just disable the active mod that doesnt work and find out where you made the mistake

P.S.: someone sticky this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the help but some of these mods on this forum have nothing to download just a box with all the stuff for the mod in it to copy, how do i get that into the game?

yeah i never use those…
you have to create a text file for them in the data/modules folder and copy the stuff in the text file
open some module text file and check out how it looks,that should give you the right idea

everything concerning the “items” in general in this game is linked via text files… its fairly easy to mod the stuff then and user-friendly once you learn to use it

again,you can just make the text file and place it in the appropriate folder you make under the GME mods folder,that makes it much easier to find out where is the problem and repair it when your GSB suddenly starts crashing at some point

remember that if you make a design which uses a module from a mod and you remove the mod without deleting the ship design,the game WILL crash
in that case you have to go to C:\Documents and Settings<YOURNAME>\My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles and delete the ship design from there or reactivate the mod
or remove/replace the module from the design by rewriting it in the text file,if you feel up to it :stuck_out_tongue:

when I click on the link it says theres a 404 error!! D:

So why in the world haven’t you gone directly to Google (or any other web search engine) in order to find an alternate source??? Broken web links, while not frequent, are hardly unknown to happen.

A grand total of 15 seconds of sweaty, agonizing, back-breaking work [lol] led me to this page, which points towards some still-functioning alternate sources. Explore them. :stuck_out_tongue: All you had to do was paste the phrase “Generic Mod Enabler” into a search engine. [-sigh-]

But seriously: if you have other questions about GSB mod installation, please do ask. Just don’t be a total lazybones, okay? :smiley: We prefer people who at least make an effort to try things themselves before sending out a frantic “SOS” signal.

GSB still has people creating and maintaining modded content for the game. But the number of forum-active modders has shrank significantly in the three years since the game was new. No surprise there. If you rely 100% on other people to bail you out of trouble, you might be waiting quite a while.

if you end up ditching the Generic Mod Enabler and want to install things directly – the way that the great majority of us have been doing it since GSB came out – then use the following guidelines…

Once you drop the “data” folder of a mod into the top-level of your computer’s GSB installation folder, and then drop the install textfile into the “installs” folder found within the game’s own “data” folder in the same top-level GSB location, you should be perfectly good go to. The install file will be named the same as the mod’s name itself, and its contents will look like this if you open it in a text viewer:

path = (NAME OF THE MOD)

As long as you can do the two above drag-and-drop operations accurately, then IMHO you should really have no need of an external program like the Generic Mod Enabler that you were searching for.

Didn’t think of that, thanks.