Installing full game on multiple PCs


I have a question regarding the license/serial number that GSB will have when goes full. Will you be able to install the same serial number on more than one PC?

I usually install my games on two machines (my gaming pc and the pc in my girlfriend’s house), and I suffer sometimes (like with Cortex Command) the problem of “1 serial, 1 pc”.
A multiple activation-deactivation system would be nice, let’s say for example with 3 activations/validations. *

Apart from that, amazing work, I would love a public beta demo but I’m considering the full game + beta access :slight_smile:


  • I’m assuming you perform an online serial check, if it’s a normal CD-Key check then this makes no sense.

you can install the game on multiple PC’s, but they share the same serial code, which just means that you only have one username online for challenges.
But in terms of having a work and home PC, or multiple home PC’s, its not a problem at all.

Thanks for the quick answer! Yep, works for me, as I said it’s two home computers so no “simultaneos multiplayer” or similar. Thanks!