Is it possible to buy the game online and get it from Steam?

I honestly never thought that I would find myself in a situation in which I would NOT want to purchase a game on steam. I’m very happy with steam! But alas, I’ve found myself in a bit of a pickle in which I must buy the game (I did, via paypal and left a note) because it is awesome, but it cannot be on steam.

I’m currently home for thanksgiving week, all I have is my netbook (running steam but i’ve no confidence in it as a gaming machine) so my more powerful computers (all 3 of them) are back home in Iowa. With this many computers, coupled with the fact that i’ve installed/reinstalled/rebuilt my computers at least 10 times in the past 3 months, stupid motherboard issues, and then win7 etc., Steam has proven very handy!

But All I have is my netbook, and I have no problem running the game on my parents PC (as 3 years old as they are), I don’t want to install steam on it just to play a game. So I bought the game through the website, have played the demo and I know it works so I’ve no regrets. The problem is having to redo- all my main (over and over again! and its on the horizon again with 2 of them); I grew to really appreciate the fact that steam was my one stop shop, start it up and walk away deal: must’ve downloaded at least 5 to 60gbs of stuff with every reinstall/etc because fat-Bandwidth pipes rule.

Things like the Free Ninite auto installers ( which i found out only after installing them all at least 3 times… are really handy, and carrying it around on a USB key is a hassle (i forget things often), it it possible to get it on steam or add it to the list of steam games? Possibly through something like this ?

I really dislike that support for retail CD-keys is so limited; I love having a huge game library at my fingertips, but i hate having to rebuy games On steam that I already own, just to be able to have access to them. So far the only time I was able to take advantage of it was with Unreal Tournament 3 :frowning:

Thanks for reading and thank you for your consideration!

(as a note: I have yet to install the full version, so… this may already be possible but it is not on the list of games)

Hi, if you bought the game from us, you can re-download it onto your other PCs using the same link, no problem, just like you can with steam. If you move a great distance or it gets accessed from a bunch of IPs it might be blocked, but if you email me ( I will just unblock it again.
Of course the game is only 50MB so you can stick the whole installer on a USB key :smiley: