Job creation advice.

Okay, so I’m putting together a Ren-Faire Jousting job and this is what I have so far.

name = renfairejouster
guiname = Ren-Faire Jouster
desc_male = Jousting Knight
desc_female = Jousting Lady
employer = [YORFI] Ye Olde Renaissance Faire Inc
workplace = Ren-Faire
industry = acting
minsalary = 9000
maxsalary = 20000
tips =
locked = 0
rarity = 0.65
sociability = 0.45
socialkudos = 0.1
promote0 = confidence
promote1 = fitness
promote2 = happiness
commutedistance = 6.1
duration = -1

0 = xp_acting_action,0.90
1 = fitness,0.90

0 = tiredness,0.40,_TIRED_DEGRADE
1 = xp_acting,0.01,_JOBXP_DEGRADE[/code]

The questions I have are as follows:

  • Do the monetary values or tiredness degradation seem unrealistic? I wasn’t quite sure how to balance those.
  • Is there actually an xp_acting value? I grep’d my way through the csv’s and read a lot of them but I couldn’t find anything relevant to acting.
  • Have I done anything wrong?
  • Is there any documentation on possibly unused values (such as xp_acting, if it does exist)? For modders such as myself, a list of all these values and what they are, explicitly would be very helpful.

Anyway, thanks for your time and for checking this out.

[Edit: Whoops, said fitness where I’d meant to say tiredness.]

Not a single reply? Have I done this so horribly wrong that it doesn’t even merit one? Have I missed something really obvious around the site?

I did search the forums and read all the threads pertaining to job creation, as I’ve said I read the CSVs, I’ve nosed into Strings.ini and I read the modding page and I coalesced all that information into a personal resource that I’m using to create custom jobs. I’m just wondering if I’ve done anything horribly wrong …

I’m just curious about it, sorry. I’m just trying to learn how it all works. Once I’ve got a grip on it, I’ll likely release my own guide with all the information I’ve gathered thus far, which will help other fledgeling job creators in my position.

This all looks technically cool as far as I can see. Nice job :smiley:

How do you set up the ‘effects’?

I’v ebeen playing with them a little, but seems to mess it up half the time. :slight_smile:

theres a message about movies in the modding forum that explains it. ;D

Once again, it’s confirmed that cliff rocks. I suspected perhaps an eventual reply from a forum member in the know but not one from the man himself.

Hurrah! Now I can distribute this amongst a couple of friends (one of whom actually requested it) for them to enjoy it. Couldn’t do that with the worry that it might blow up and generally explode their copy of Kudos.

Oh and if anyone actually wants to use that, I’ll note that I did lower the fitness requirement to 0.60 as it was pointed out to me that not all these jousters are such examples of perfection, I’ve only been to one RF myself so I was just guessing.