Limit Fleet Sizes in Campaign?

Is there a way to do this? I mean, I get that I’m not the best tactician/designer here, but seriously
going up against 16 or 24 or 30 CRUISER ONLY FLEETS- ON EASY- does kinda make this amazingly difficult. It doesn’t matter HOW well engineered my fleet is when it’s outnumbered 10:1 x.x

Incidentally. Is there also something I can adjust so I’m not getting rushed -every- turn? I’ve got a whole three planets, and I can’t DO anything because I end up having a fleet attack me from each end, every. Single. Turn. It’s a lucky turn where I only have ONE attack.

a well built cruiser is powerful and cheap at about 3,000
to help more you must say more about your ship designs

I’m not having trouble with my designs… I’m having trouble with the AI fleets consisting of 24 cruisers, which overwhelms anything I have o.O

then you need to put more ships in

If I remember, the code for each planet has a maximum AI fleet cost (although probably not during “arms race”)

If your problem is constant attack your issue is likely a high threat %. If you want to, the max ai attacks per turn is also a controllable setting.

Hope those help

Where is this controllable setting you speak of? I had a look and couldn’t find it.

In your Gratuitous Space Battles install location, there should be a folder labelled ‘campaign’. Open that, then open the folder labelled ‘data’ - this should be the only folder on that level. Then find a file named ‘campaign_opt.ini’. This file contains a number of settings for the campaign, one of which is called ‘max_ai_attacks_per_turn’, which appears to be set to 4 as a default.

So, as an example of where you might find this file on Windows:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Positech Games\Gratuitous Space Battles\campaign\data\campaign_opt.ini

The exact file path on your computer might be different, but from \Gratuitous Space Battles on should be the same if you’re on a Windows system.

*.ini files are text files, so any text editor should be able to read and edit it.

me in my infinite wisdom just realized that this was not about the scenario games that give you points for the fleet HQ

spam fighters, doesn’t mater how well armed a fleet is it will not survive a fighter fleet with about 40 fighter squadrons

At that stage you get around 6 pilots a turn. It’s not that easy to spam, especially when you divide among several planets and are consistently attacked.