MAC version released!

At last, people with an apple MAC can now enjoy the game! Tell all your mac owning friends!
Heres the link:

Thanks to have thought about MAC users!

I tried the demo, I really like the game. I would like not only to play but also to create policies, dilemnas and to work on a new country: China (the country where I live now). I have a Powerbook and a PC at home. I don’t know which version of the game I should buy.
I would prefer to play on my MAC but does the MAC version allow the same level of modding than the PC version?

Mr. Hu

I know nothing about macs to be honest, but I strongly suspect that modded files from the PC version can easily be used on the mac. All of the moddable files are just text files really, so it should be really easy to mod.

I have bought the mac version. Or at least I tried!
I gave my credit card number and address on the plimus payment website and then I have been redirected to the redmarblegames homepage.
I have received no e-mails for 3 hours and has been getting worried.
I don’t want to try again (I am afraid of being charged twice)

Did somebody experienced the same problem?

Please help, I really want to play this game.

Hi, it sometimes can take a few hours for the order to be processed, although its normally around a minute. I’m not sure why some orders get delayed, depends on the bank. Unfortunately I (cliff -> positech) dont take the mac orders, redmarblegames do (they ported the game to mac), but If you still havent heard anything in a few hours, you can email support AT, and they will investigate, they are very good.

I already sent a mail to support AT redmarblegames.
I am waiting for an answer. I cross my fingers.

I hope my next post will be good news.

We’ve just checked with Plimus and the order didn’t go through for some reason. (Our outgoing email is down at the moment or we would respond that way rather than cluttering the forums. …). You can either try again or call Plimus at 1-866-475-4687 to place the order by phone (toll-free in the U.S. but I’m not sure about internationally). Sorry there was a problem – that happens only rarely – but your credit card has not been charged.

I just got the Mac version - no problem with payment processing.

The game is great! I just would love to get the mods to work - does this work on the Mac? What about the auto updater?

Hi there.

I just bought the game from MacGameStore and I’m loving it. Found a few glitches though and was wondering when an update would be available.

Glitch 1: When you save two games, you cannot load either of the games.
Glitch 2: When you load up a game, sometimes names in events (like in the judges scenario) gets dropped out so you get a message like “is a strong candidate…”
Glitch 3: The high score seems to make no sense whatsoever. It seems to take whatever game I was on, and add the terms onto the current game I newly started.
Glitch 4: When you load up a saved game, you get recurring events like setting a minimum wage which doesn’t make any sense if the minimum wage has already been set.

It’s really irking me that my saved games are wonked out when I load them. I don’t feel that any of my accomplishments in the past is reflected in the current load. And I don’t have the time to play a game out if I can get it to last past 6 or 8 terms. I have to save it to play the next day.

So, any patches in the near future?


There are now! Thanks for reporting this, which we had not heard about before. I’ll look into it right away.


I tried playing the Mac version for the past hour and it either crashes or freezes every 5-10 minutes.

And I can’t save or load any of my saved games anymore. :frowning:

I’mma just delete it.

Hey, any chance of including the auto-updater?

And could you send me the policies that were in the update that I am missing? (Property Tax and Welfare Fraud)

I’ve found another bug on mac version.
When I win the elections, there is a fireworks sound. I supposed it would end when I close the window telling me I won but it doesn’t ! I have to quit the game and run it again. Is there any patch to fix that ?

We’ve revised part of the fireworks code in a way that may solve this problem – if you’ll contact us directly at support --at-- redmarblegames --dot-- com we’ll send you the new version.

Have you guys (Red Marble Games) made a patch for mac yet? I can’t seem to find one, and while I can save my games, I can’t load them. Has this been fixed? Thanks!

AFAIK it has been patched, so if you email support AT redmarblegames dot com, they can sort this out for you,