Make Dilemmas more engaging

I really want to like the dilemmas at the beginning of the each turn, but to me it usually feels like a chore, and like this is a part of the game that could be much improved. If I understand it correctly in Dem 4 there will be more than 2 options, which is great! But I think there is one more thing that would make this part of the game much more engaging: Multi-turn Dilemmas.

Imagine for example a dilemma called “New Trade Deal”, there might be 2 sub-dilemmas:

  • Start negotiations? Eg: “Several countries in your region have proposed a new trade agreement, do we want to be part of this”

And then a year later there is, if negotiations were started, an extra dilemma:

  • Emphasis in the negotiations, such as, would we like to emphasis labour rights protections or not? Or should we exclude agricultural policies?

The 3 outcomes would be:

  • Trade deal not signed
  • Trade deal signed without labour protections (eg capitalist will like it, trade unionist won’t)
  • Trade deal signed with labour protections (eg capitalist will like it less, trade unionist will find it less bad)

This change will make the decisions you make as dilemmas feel much more meaningful, and it feels like it might not be too much work.I know this will make it more difficult but it would be great if it were possible for this to be moddable too.

Probably much more difficult, but to make it even more engaging an element of change could be added too, in the example, the negotiations might have a higher change of just failing when the player pushed for labour rights protections for example.

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