Market changes too often

Hi. I’ve noticed that i’m spending too much time changing my scheduled production. I usually play in speed 2, and few minutes after I updated my production I receive another message telling me to update my production. I suggest to increase the interval between market changes.


Yup fair comment, I’ll be balancing this a lot more as the game gets closer to beta / release.

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well I got tired of it as well, so I just started producing cars in a ratio that the market buys them at, not the ratio of customers coming at any given day. it would be nice to have it auto adjust your production for short campaigns, but for long term production that doesn’t really make sense. the time scale in this game is kind of odd in the first place. normally you don’t create and sell a single car. you sell a ton of them at once and ship them or truck them all over the place.

if anything I think the rate at which bills are due, and cars are sold should be lengthened to be a bit more realistic. instead of selling cars one at a time, they are trucked in sets of 1-12 and shipped in sets of 50,100,500,1000,5000,10000 that can be upgraded by unlocking factory exports. so early on car profits are decreased because the cost of employing someone to move them 1 at a time is expensive.

also it would be nice if you get a marketing boost when you get achievements like sold 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 cars, for totals and for model types separately and for the different type of export.

continuing this export idea, it would make sense if the customers “viewing” your cars would increase as your exports increased rather than imagining that all the cars are being sold locally one a time, this imagines they are sold through a network to increase the reach/market awareness of your brand. there would be sales directly from the factory lot, local trucking deliveries, and global shipping then more trucking deliveries.

so the time it takes to export them in bulk pays off because most of them will be bought as soon as they are shipped. so for the player it would be more about managing money long term. you would have to make some kind of time range variable that would make destinations of deliveries somewhat random within a range for the shipped and then trucked cars.

or instead of random, you could have global delivery contracts that you pick up. instead of getting a loan you would get investors and have to complete the contract within a set period of time. this would require some math just to make sure that its possible to complete the contract with the given area of your factory/total map usable size and the time allotted with the money the player has plus the investors money/contract signing investment.

then if you take that further you would set a base price, and those places that you have exported to can vary the final prices depending on the current market value of the cost of materials plus a fixed min/max profit margin range set by the player for each car model.

marketing would unlock better contracts to exported locations and shipping costs would be reduced for bulk order/deliveries.

this would basically overhaul the economy.
some ideas for you @cliffski