Massive Factory 1 (Default Settings)

Here is something i’ve been working on today. Getting used to how resource importers work and the limits they have. So far this one doesn’t seem to run out of resources (or if they do it’s for a second like you see below) so I’m on the right track. Just need to optimize the track layout as most of the wasted time is on the line.

The entire factory runs by buying all the parts instead of making them. This is because at the present moment path finding with Build + Stockpile + Make is not working properly. Add also that importers can not keep up with making AND building, and since there is not enough import slots available in every map it’s not even possible with a factory this size.

Efficiency can be improved by optimizing all the lines.

Obviously your going to loose a lot of cash over time. It does build back up and in the end your making a profit. This can be optimized if I could make all the parts I needed but I would need many many more importers to do that effectively. This was taken fairly early on to show how up and down it gets.

This is the starting point. Obviously some optimization would be good here.

The painting. Still don’t think ten are enough but quite insane once you realize I only have 4 sections building frames.

An overview of the paint section.

Engine and accessories.

Electronics - I was actually going to use only one or two of these.

Sales - No point in using more then three as the market can’t keep up with my output. As a result I get paid roughly every 2-3 in game hours but my entire 200+ stock will sell in a short time after that it goes back up. In order to rectify this I would need to build more variants. Right now I have about 15.

More or less this build was to prove to myself that I could build a massive factory and not be bothered by import times.

The best ratio is 3 dryers per 1 painter… and having 4 painters with 12 dryers would kill part of the bottleneck.

That said your biggest bottleneck is the slow export… you probably need 4 or 5 exporters… if that’s possible. :smiley:

Otherwise it looks quite nice. You are like me… you don’t mind spacing things out orderly leaving room for expansions or adjustments.

have you upgraded the export?

other than that i agree with the above statment. 3 dryers on each painter and you solve your issue.