Media Backlash

Do you know what causes this Report? I often can this: a major newspaper is running a campaign against my policies and this will affect its readers view toward me.

But what causes it? What can I do to prevent it? There is no description on the cause of the problem really… or is it just a random event that I have to learn to live with?


(will try to write the exact text next time I have the event happening)

Here is what I was talking about:

theres no easy way to prevent this, its mostly random, but more likely when you are doing really well in the polls…

A media control policy?

Keep them silent! :stuck_out_tongue:

yes indeed, would really upset liberals and maybe even capitalists?

Yeah, possibly a small benefit for patriots too?

Depends on what kind of patriot.
American patriots are very attached to the Constitution and take the 1st Amendment (The Right to Free Speech) very seriously (as well as the Right to Bear Arms) whereas a British Patriot might not have the same attitude.

Hmm, hence the small benefit, as theoretically, media controls would reduce critisism of the government, meaning everything looks nicer about the country, making patriots happier perhaps.

Say you increase security services to very high, you then get a dilemma like “Muzzle the Press” where you can choose to enforce your strict new laws and put the government in a more favourable light for everyone but piss of the liberals heaps

But… dilemmas aren’t reversable right?

A wee bit later you may think that the press muzzling was a bad idea, and want to turn it back. That’s where I think a policy is better than a dilemma.

Agreed. Policy is better than dilemna

Heh, a new idea.

Policy of media muzzling.

Dilemma of underground media forming, option of either crushing it, or permitting it.

Obviously if you were trying a police state, it’d be crushed, but it could be a good sign to say that your media muzzling isn’t getting you much approval, and could lead to convincing you to change the media laws.

true it’s not reversible, nor should it be. If you muzzle the press you should cop a bad rap that is not reversible, and it hould dog you for a good while. It would wear off over time I suppose

Hm, one for the future, biased news in the papers and television. Examples: BBC + Labour loveboat.

Seriously, it’d be nifty… In comes the Communists! WOO!