Minor things (Supply Truck, Tooltip, unit filters)

  • Supply truck cost in the unit editor changes to 0 when the supply module is inserted.

  • The tooltip for the ‘Defend’ button in the campaign screen uses the word ‘an’ which is incorrect. It should be ‘a’.

  • When deleting a default unit design, I am informed that, if I delete it, it won’t appear anywhere anymore. This made me concerned that deleting them could break the game. I later decided that this wasn’t the case, but shouldn’t there be a way to restore the default designs if deleted?

  • I’d like to see ‘Change Hull’ have two buttons ‘Attacker’ and ‘Defender’. Each would be a hull filter that shows only hulls that are usable by an attacker or defender respectively.

  • Losing my second battle gave me a new unit unlock, which seems a bit strange (rewarding failure?). If that’s intentional, can we have a crazy happy brigadier general comment to go with that?

I believe the first point is intentional; supply trucks aren’t limited by cost, but instead you have to reach the supply drops that appear during battle and the limit on supply trucks is the number of those you can grab.

In that case, it would be better if the cost became ‘Special’ rather than ‘0’. Or if the tooltip for the supply module indicated why the cost of the unit will become 0 when attached.

ooops! fixed, thanks.