Missile jamming?

I was playing the new Survival Mode map today on 1.16 using a missile heavy strategy and I noticed that my missiles were doing crazy things. The chatter spoke of “guidance jamming” equipment or something. Is this a new addition to the game? I looked over the module list and I couldn’t see anything that I could use to jam missiles, so I’m wondering if this is an inherent ability or what?

I think it’s the “ECM beam” module. Makes missiles screw up.

I thought ECM beams just knocked out the fire control systems of ships temporarily; I didn’t realize they effected missiles as well.

You’re confusing the ECM Beam module (which is on the “Defenses” tab and works like a point defense turret) with the ECM Shock module which is a non-turret module on the Weapons tab. The ECM Shock does exactly what you describe, shutting down all weapons on an enemy ship. The ECM Beam scrambles the guidance on incoming missiles.

It would be a lot clearer if the different effects had different names.

I think I understand now. Thanks for clearing that up!

Yes the name is a bit crap. I should find a better name for it. In fact “missile jammer” would be better than the current name. or 'guidance scrambler"

Also the ECM shock could easily become simply: “Shock beam” Or Targeting Shock Beam or something similar. It’s not really an ECM per se.

BTW, I LOVE the ECM beam, (which could also be ‘Haywire Beam’ or “Jamming Beam”) but I find it might be a tad too good. As soon as I know the enemy has missiles all is takes is one ECM beam slot on each cruiser and his entire onslaught is nullified.

Ah but in version 1.17 the ECM shield will actually WORK (oops)

I think that the latter half of his statement refers to the ECM Beam, the point-defense weapon. One per Cruiser basically does eliminate the threat of missiles. It’s incredibly effective, perhaps too much so. Though I’ve found that mounting ECM Shocks on my missile ships, in addition to targeting beams, does reduce the effect of enemy point defense. Shocked ships can’t fire… and that includes their point-defense.