Missile redirection module

module suggestion–>missile redirection, often when the enemy ship is destroyed the existing missiles bound for that ship blew up in mid-flight instead of continuing to new closest targets, it would affect only missiles from the equipped ship.

yeah,smart missile control unit,that would be useful :stuck_out_tongue:
my ships usually pack some sort of a missile armament even when they are not specifically designed for long range,so i could really use this module in multiple designs
it could maybe also give a minor bonus to missile hit rate?

An auto-retargeting-module would certainly be cool to have. It was pretty useful in Master of Orion 2 (which is a game with space battles that afaik matches GSB the most).
However this makes missiles a lot more powerful.
Consider challenges where the enemy fleet consists of huge missile spammers hiding behind some tanks. One volley could, instead of one, kill up to 3 cruisers. That’s a bit much :slight_smile:

There is a fine line between balance and making things look cool and realistic, this would certainly fall into that category and I’m always for the things to look cool.
But maybe there would be a slight pause in the missiles movement when their target is destroyed, and then they would have a visual cue, a slight flash of some sort and then they would continue to new targets, giving the other enemy ship’s point defenses and scrambling systems enough time to recharge.

I think that would be the solution.

Also the big valuable missiles like megaton, nuclear and cruiser are really slow, so I think you might be imagining a problem here and it would certainly make more sense for you to have the kind of equipment to not have those valuable missiles go to waste.

So, it’s settled then, official input might be nice now…

Unfortunately, PD and other anti-missile weaponry (smartbomb excluded) only fire at each incoming missile once, even though their Rate of Fire would allow for at least 5 more shots before the missile impacts.
If this were to be fixed (reported this a loong time ago), then your statement is valid.

Also, against volleys of 100+ missiles, no amount of PD (except the smartbomb, yay) is sufficient.

yeah i didnt think about it to the detai tbh but you`re right and i agree
however it might be better if the missiles were flying around aimlessly for a bit along a zigzag path in the general direction of the original target before reacquiring a new one
also,if the missiles (each single one of them,including every single one from multiple warhead missiles) would pick a completely random enemy target within their range (or maybe a completely random target?) as if a backup autonomous targetting system kicked in inside the missile itself, they would still do damage and it would still count,however being spread between multiple ships it wouldnt be so much of an issue of balance

Yeah, nice thinking, they might even zigzag back a bit(like they normally do) so that would also contribute to not make it overpowered, there are a lot of ways to make this work.

The redirected missiles should keep their limited amount of fuel, so they should not always be able to reach another ship.

Or possibly one module would only affect a certine number of missiles? Or maybe have a cooldown?