Missles dont fire half of the time

DPS means damage pher second, il use that word alot.

When i load my cruisers with my missles and watch what happens missle turrets show fully charged but they dont fire imediately , but rather wait for something. This increases fiering period significantly and reduces DPS. I think turret wont fire untill missle that was fired before from the same turret dont reach its target. This means that the more time you wait for missles to reach their target , or the slower the missles are, and further the target is, the less often do they fire. I can confirm this because when i equip fast missle launcher i do the most DPS, with the same number of ships and missle turrets on them but different type of turret(slower missles) i do noticabely less DPS. With fast missles i can win a mission but with any other missles i cant.

I dont think this is a feature but rather a bug, if its a feature slower misles are vastly inferior to their faster counterparts.

This is indeed a feature, it’s even mentioned in the manual. (The manual is really good, and also pretty amusing, so definitely worth a look to get a better feel for the game.) There are certainly uses for missiles except for fast missiles though. Try setting the Max Distance on your Frigate/Cruiser to a smaller range. This means your missiles will reach their target quicker (because they have less distanct to cover), and therefore you gain a greater rate of fire.

Fast missiles have double advantage, they fire more often and they are harder to bring down, i really se no use for other types of missiles , i am still a newbie but as i see it DPS is all that matters and if weapon does not have enough DPS as its counterpart it fails at its purpose. Even in the game , the only ships that caused me trouble were rebell fast missle cruisers, fast missiles were noticabely better then any other type of missiles becasue they actually produced enough damage to bring my shields down.

When fighting against missile-heavy fleets, cruiser guys generally go in one of two directions:

  1. LOTS of scramblers in a relatively slow fleet. IMO, multiple warhead missile launchers are better at saturating these than fast missiles.

  2. Fast, close-range cruisers designed to rush through missiles, get in close where they can’t fire, and gun the other guy down with cruiser lasers. Against those fleets, the type of missile (fast vs. cruiser vs. MWML) doesn’t matter.

Before complaning about a module, maybe play some more challanges. So see what other people use, and how to beat them. Then you will know the advantages of a module better.
FYI, if my cruiser is at 1200m with cruiser missiles and you are 1200m away with fast ones, whoes gonna get hurt more? If there is enough to kill you or hurt you significantly, then you got your advantage right there. Or cruisers that have always moving commands, might go out of range for fast, but you cant out range cruiser missiles.