[MOD] Atellian Expanse (Campaign Map)

[size=200]Atellian Expanse Campaign Map[/size]

Download Link: http://nintheve.com/gsb/mod_atellian_expanse_2011.08.30.zip


Atellian Expanse is a 76-planet campaign map. The map has four major systems containing several planets and a capital world. Travelling between planetary systems is treacherous. Systems are linked by 2-3 inhospitable planets where fighters and cruisers are unable to navigate. This makes frigates essential for crossing danger zones and entering other systems.


Aside from the actual Gratuitous Space Battles Game, you also require the Galactic Conquest expansion pack. This campaign map was last known to work with version 1.56 of the game.


  1. Somewhere on your computer lies the root folder where Gratuitous Space Battle is located. These instructions will refer to it as “…/gratuitous space battles/” from now on.

  2. Place “mod_atellianexpanse.jpg” into “…/gratuitous space battles/campaign/data/bitmaps/ui/”

  3. Place “mod_atellianexpanse.txt” into “…/gratuitous space battles/campaign/data/maps/”

  4. Place folder “mod_atellianexpanse” into “…/gratuitous space battles/campaign/data/maps/”

  5. If you see this as a map choice in the game then you’ve installed the mod correctly:


Simply delete “mod_atellianexpanse.jpg”, “mod_atellianexpanse.txt”, and the folder “mod_atellianexpanse.jpg” from the locations above. (At the very minimum you must remove “mod_atellianexpanse.txt” for this map to not show up as a choice inside the game)


By Positech Games

This is just the backdrop “camp_bd11.jpg” found in …/gratuitous space battles/campaign/data/bitmaps/backdrops/. It was renamed to make it easier for you to locate should you wish to remove this mod from your game.

“mod_atellianexpanse.txt” and all “planet*.txt” files
By ekalin

Questions? Bugs? Let me know!

Excellent work!

This is wonderful work Ekalin, thank you ever so much. (Four maps, two of which are quite small, is just way too few.) I ‘really’ appreciate your effort.

Have any guidelines been written and posted somewhere telling us how to go about creating such maps ourselves? If not, care to write something up yourself? I’ve eyeballed the text files and come away somewhat clueless.

Hey, thanks for checking it out.

All I learned about creating custom maps I had to scrape together from old posts around the forum or by simply editing configuration files to see what changes they brought to the game. I don’t think campaign map modding is very popular in the community. I saw your other post about it, so I’ll reply there so the information is easier to find for future campaign mappers.

i like what i seen so far but keep getting a error message that it can not find \src\sim_scenario.cpp250
i cant find the file and have reloaded the mod and still cant find it.help please

Now investigating… replied to your PM.