[Mod/New Country] Independent Wales

In this mod you can play as a newly Independent Wales. Since it’s a new country in Europe, it uses the Euro and has the same debt as the UK percentage wise. Kind of like a more flexible United Kingdom. If the US is a battleship, and if the UK is a frigate, then Wales is a dinghy.

Download Link: mediafire.com/download/01hvl … es+Mod.zip

Installation: Just drag and drop the files into your Democracy 3 folder.

The zip seems to be bust at the moment; it seems it’s not installing a file in the main ‘mods’ folder to allow us to initialise the mod.

Working from the very brief description, I’m not sure that starting with nil debt is credible. No major western state has broken up like this in recent history, but there’s an interesting BBC article here about the economics of Scotland’s potential secession (bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-s … s-24140981).

My reasoning runs as follows: Wales is presently part of the UK. The UK has debt. Some proportion of that debt has been accrued in expenditure on Wales. I therefore cannot visualise any separation which would allow part of the country to break away, taking some of the GDP with it, without also agreeing to take some of the debt. I’d therefore suggest you start Wales off at the same debt/GDP percentage as the UK simulation.

Once the download’s fixed, I’ll have a play through.

Okay, I fixed it.

Still can’t get it to run, still not seeing anything in mods. This might be user error at my end; has anyone else got it running?

I put up installation instructions because I don’t know how to get it to run through mods :confused:

When I select Wales and click start/play the game stops working everytime. Any ideas as to why?

No idea why that would happen if you installed by the instructions. Works fine for me.


while my Mod Compatibility tests I found out why the mod is not working.

You set names file to: data\names\welshnames.txt, but welshnames.txt is not included in the zip archive.
Simply add it to the correct location and the mod should work.

Very good job. If anyone can make Independent Scotland, it would be even better.