Leaving the EU with the UK?

It would be brilliant if there was a modd where the United Kingdom got the chance to leave the EU, it effect Trade Unionists, Farmers and Capitalists most but I would do it anyways. Seems so I cant modd would somebody be able to put it into the automatic modding update thingy. That would be awsome, its ok if its not possible though.


I’ve tried doing this mod. Download it, extract it to your simulation/dilemmas folder and… fingers crossed it works !! :laughing: it’s my first ‘mod’ I guess !!

friendly-chat.co.uk/democrac … eTheEU.zip


But it didn’t alow me to save it in that folder. However thats mosat likely my annoying PC, but I am gona get it in there some way.

THANKS!! again :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


It works. Let me know how it works out for you, and if you’d like me to change any of the effects, as I think some of them maybe a bit strong – remember this is my first mod.

Don’t worry about the drop in GDP… you’ll soon recover. A drop in GDP would be likely in real life, due to us having to rebuild our own industry, EU nations seizing trade with us because of customs taxes etc.

Here’s a screenshot –

That looks absolutely brilliant. Well done on that mod! I don’t have a clue how to make mods :question: :question: You captured the reality of what a situation like that would do the United Kingdom. It most deffinately would effect the economy as import from the closely-knit EU allies would stop. But we have the Commonwealth of Nations to fall back on, right? Thats a point; there isn’t much about the Commonwealth in the game, it is quite a huge part of the Realms’ benefit as well.

I hope I can get it to work, I am also pretty hopless at adding mods to the game, but its easier than making them. :smiley:

p.s – redownload it. I’ve updated it so the GDP drop isn’t so harsh, and also made it so state employees are also happy.

Just extract the file to your desktop, then go to C:\Program Files\Democracy (or where-ever you installed the game)\data\simulation\dilemmas
and drag the file form your desktop into there ^

If you want anymore dilemmas or got anymore ideas for British dilemmas, let me know, think I’ve figured it out now.

I may even have a go at creating events and policies :smiley:

And yes… the Commonwealth, not sure how that would fit into the game.

Yeah, I think the economic effect on Britain leaving the EU would be pretty tough but like I said we have strong links with the Commonwealth, if we didn’t spend milions fixing riots in France we could be putting some of that money into a more powerful relationship with the Commonwealth Realms and Commonwealth Republics.

Anyways, the mod WORKED!!! :smiley: :smiley:
Thanks so much I am chuffed with that :slight_smile:

You should have a go at policies and events! That was good. How about a terror attack, or something concerning the possible de-evolution of Scottland from the United Kingdom? Or maybe a Commonwealth imports policy, or something concerning the Monarchy? Keep me updated with all your new stuff.

Just done another quick dilemma concerning the Monarchy;

friendly-chat.co.uk/democrac … eeting.zip

Great! I’ve downloaded it now. Haven’t tried it out yet, need to fix this debt crisis before I can move on another is it 3 weeks every turn? I think it’s 3.

Keep me updated on this thread or anything on your latest mods :slight_smile: have a go at a policy.

[b][color=blue]It’s 3 months.

friendly-chat.co.uk/democrac … ympics.zip

An olympics dilemma.

I just created a ‘test’ policy mod successfully. “Council Tax” – the only problem is I’m not sure mods can be country-specific. It’d be a bit daft America having a council tax, for example.

I’m thinking of some useful policies that could fit to all the countries.

Mind you… America doesn’t have state housing and health care either I guess. [/b]

Yeah, that is a thought. America is a big Captialist Country, not s centre-socialist country like the United Kingdom. To be honest I mainly just work on the united Kingdom anyhow, I have a Canada and Australia game as well, but I work most on the United Kingdom.

How about something concerning the U.N for a ‘multi-nation’ policy? War? Commonwealth?

Woohoo, just done my first policy

positech.co.uk/newforum/viewtopi … =6223#6223

I’ll play around with it more tonight now I know how to do it, and see what policies I come up with. :smiley: