Mod projects: "Earth Transit" and "Crime and Punishment"


Offline for a week, I am sketching on two new mods.

Earth Transit straightens out functions in the transport sector, and its environmental impact. Car-related policies scale with car usage. Pollution (short-time exhaust in the air) is separated from Environment (long-term sustainability of the ecosystem). Pollution is mostly created from Oil Demand. Commuters get a little grumpier. Bus Strikes can happen, similar to Rail Strikes. Some new events, too.

Crime and Punishment increases crime when the nation prospers (as there is more stuff to steal). Tasers and Curfews get more useful against specific situations, but cause Police Brutality. Gambling, prostitution, alcohol and drug laws affect tourism.
Tobacco and Alcohol taxes contribute to the black market, which can be disrupted by the Fraud Unit.

What do you think?


Also coming up: A mod that balances Trade Union sentiment and strikes, making changes in Labor Law more dramatic.


What about strikes being also linked to events and dilemmas? Strikes aren’t usually year-long events like they are in D3. The context makes them more or less likely to happen but they’re mainly linked to punctual events (incidents with the users, administrative decision, internal conflicts and so on).

Therefore, when strikes happen, you could play the waiting game, reforming to meet their demands or use authoritarian means to end them or any combination of the three. This would also mean that strikes would be more likely to happen even if your country is in a good shape. A policy that could be interesting to be added is the “Minimum service”. Minimum service is a dream of the right-wing here in Belgium and comes up whenever a strike (bus or rail) happens. It would introduces an obligation of basic service (exactly how they would force grevists to offer that minimal service has always been vague).

Anyway, I liked crime and punishment and I’ll certainly try out your two projects and I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate you in you modding activities. Your productivity is amazing and you’ve done much to make D3 more enjoyable and durable. A big thank you to you!


I agree with you because this concept is quite helpful and strikes would happen even your country is good in all ways and it happens accidently.