New downloadable collection of mods

Can be found here:

Thanks to Krzysztof

I`ve changed the effects connected with new policies to have higher chance of appearing in game,and added one new policy, Jitney Transit.

Thanks a lot!

For Jitney Transit, I suggest considering adding a bonus for capitalists (it is a very capitalist thing to do, to charge people even if your destination do not change), and a small bonus for motorists (makes car not seem that bad, and liberate some traffic place)


I`ve altered jitney transit.

I plan to create Corporal punishment dilemma (posiibly with a chance of appearing when school policy is low and religious frequency - high)
psychological health care (kind of futuristic program subsidizing and promoting the advancement of mental health through,among many things,changes in mental health norms,psychology and psychologist promotion/subsidies)
Pet Tax,
TIR rail transit,
Private prisons,
Culture (museums,theatres etc.) subsidies.
Do you have any ideas or suggestions how these should work?

I guess cultural subsidies would please the wealthy and middle class, but probably upset the poor. You might argue they increase literacy over time?

Agreed with Cliffski on Cultural subsidies.

Private Prisons:
Crime: +
Conservatives: -
Liberals: –
Perhaps some revenues? (coming from taxes and to illustrate the fact that the State spends less on prisons)

Psy health care
Cost a lot of money
Capitalism: -
Poor: ++
Middle Income: +
Lifespan: +++
Socialist: +++

Pet Tax
Obviously, revenues
Middle Income: -
Poor: - (they like animals too)
Capitalism: - (State shouldn’t get into this matter)
perhaps: Health: - (Pets are often a good way to help psychologial health)

Feel free to elaborate, or take or eliminate what you want

OK, i have created and tested some new policies, and events,potentially caused by them:
Pet Tax
Cultural subsidies
VIP privileges
Private prisons


Wild Dog Plague
Bohemian Artists

i also altered slider for Private police Force - coma was missing,this caused slider to malfunction.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Two dilemmas,one for the capitalists,the other with a distinctly Polish flavor…

Two policies update to be more realistic,one event updated with a sound file Copy it to data/sounds folder(dogs barking)

someone’s on fire


I think i`ll pause for a moment now…

FINAL version of all my mods together.
Errors have been corrected,policy effects optimized, one new dilemma added.

Thanks a lot DreamTwister

That pack is awesome!

Now, the best of the best would be if we could download it automatically from the game, but since we can download it here, it’s not a priority of course.

At some point, I’m going to find time to go through all the modded policies, check them for balance etc and add them to the auto-update list.
Just very busy now!
They should get loads of downloads anyway. nice work!

Really? I would have thought that they’d be more popular among the poor, since they increase access to activities and experiences that would otherwise be available to the upper classes.
But I guess the best alternative I can think of is “upset capitalists, very slightly please everyone.” Maybe an equally small gdp increase due to tourism etc.

Actually though, whether or not that’s totally off-base, I am curious about the sorts of strategies that would result from policies that affect Everyone. One would have to balance them extra carefully, of course (for example, having enough cultural subsidies to improve overall opinion would probably be incredibly expensive).
But I suppose there are just too few things that everyone agrees on. :-/

Poor people usually don’t spend to much time with cultural things… they are to busy trying to find enough money to be able to pay off the bills.

Wealthy and middle class will like cultural subsidies, since they are the one who will go and watch cultural events

Well, this may be a regional thing then, but where (and when) I grew up, the museum and surrounding facilities were a working-class staple. Precious few other places could provide a day’s entertainment for one’s kids for a couple dollars.

(But maybe that speaks more to Parents being among those who would like it?)

the effects of the policies in Democracy are always stereotypical.
Also, “working-class” could be considered “middle-class”, or at least not “poor” in the sense of Democracy

I have created a new nation mod - Greece.
I thing it`s more difficult than estonia.

I forgot to update the welcome section in the Greece mod.

Here is the final version: