[Mod] Social Engineering Plus

This mod requires the Social Engineering mod.

It adds a few slight effects to the new policies:

  • The Alcohol Awareness Campaign decreases Alcohol Abuse.
  • The National Business Council and Young Entrepreneur Scheme upset Socialists.
  • The Cycling Campaign decreases Obesity.
  • Diplomatic Service pleases Liberals.
  • Eco Home Regulations decreases the amount of Private Housing.
  • Foreign Language Classes please Liberals, and upset Patriots.
  • Labor Day upsets Capitalists.
  • School Sport pleases Patriots.
  • Social Justice Foundation upsets Conservatives.

New for version 0.2:

  • Alcohol Awareness Campaign upsets Farmers.
  • Bicycle Subsidies please the Poor, and reduce Obesity.
  • Car Pooling pleases Environmentalists.
  • Needle Exchange Program decreases Contagious Disease.
  • The Tourism Ad Campaign pleases the Self-employed.
  • The Trade Council pleases Capitalists.
  • The Young Entrepreneur Scheme decreases Unemployment.
  • The Youth Politics Council pleases Liberals.
  • Some earlier effects were weakened.
    ModSEPlus02.rar (4.58 KB)
    ModSE.rar (2.5 KB)

It is interesting but I don’t get the change with the social justice foundation. I didn’t really understand why it would increase liberalisme instead of socialism but I really don’t see how it would anger conservatives instead of capitalists.

Depends on how you define “social justice”. As I have read, it means civil rights (liberal values), rather than redistribution of wealth (socialist values).

Pff, never mind how people define it, its meaning is its meaning. From what I gather it’s about helping out the poor as there’s this organisation called Social Justice Ireland and that’s their purpose.

Since it increases the number of liberals, Positech seems to have intended the policy as promoting liberal values. That would obviously annoy Conservatives. You are of course welcome to make your own mod.