[Mod] Wilkituska´s Base Mod

This is, as you can guess by it’s name, a mod that works as a base for my other future mods. Not too much by itself.

Download it here: mediafire.com/download/j3z3g … aseMod.rar

1- Uncompress.
2- Paste it inside of your Democracy 3 mods folder.

[size=150]What’s included?[/size]
-8 new simulations:
–Child Abuse
–Genetic Diseases
–Identity Theft
–Lethal Diseases
–Sexual Crimes
–Sexual Tension
-2 new situations:
–Temperature Alert
–War On Sex

Provide feedback, please.
And feel free to make suggestions about future mods you’d like to see.

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I like to see new ideas!
Go ahead.

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