Modding questions and solutions

Created this topic for concreate questions about modding primary for user to user help.

I start:
For some strange reason anno when I first started modding the core csv files with open office that ended up with errors even when choose the correct coma separated form in opening/ save (did not tried MS office which should work)
So used notepad++ for my several hundred edits + links.


  1. How to modify the +10% political capital after first election/ begining of the game?
    I did think about both modify the %, or in case it is hardcoded solve with a grudge similarly to the emergency powers (but there also stucked on the how to stick it to the time when the game begins/ active in just first few quarters)

  2. Mutiplyincome
    Still not find a way to modify the final value upwards in case when this flag added.
    If cannot be done: it’s a pity.

  3. Is there any script/ command to modify the max GDP IN GAME - the nominal numbers (so not talking about previous country edits in the mission files)
    It would be logical if the (base) max can be expanded after all in the real world there are no flat numbers on GDP while debt have no limits

  4. Is there a way to overwrite/ inject data into existing countries (without mission files copy+paste)?
    I mean overwrite/ data injection example:

  • Adding 0 Hour contract policy via the mod, and add that policy to UK (without the UK mission files in the mod) - similarly to the overwrite folder
    Would be good if such solution would exist: there are many policies which should be there at the start of the game but people may find extensive if nearly all original files must be overwritten with copy/ paste (and make backups)
  1. I consider PC to be pretty much hard-coded unless specified in Democracy 4\data\simconfig.txt
  2. no way to increase it above 100%. I have issue in my attempt to make Labor Income Share mod. I ended up editing *.csv directly and wasn’t able to publish it via workshop.
  3. you can edit pre-determined cap in missions files but definitely no dynamic GDP in game.
  4. I had also tried this in SWF mod and obviously didn’t work. afaik scripts or even overrides can’t be added for a specific country only.
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  1. Any solution ideas to use somethibng similar to the emergency powers - with a game start time frame?
  2. You mean re-do the system with delete the Mutiplyincome?
  1. no override or grudge will work on pol cap generation. let’s see if there are some lines you can use in Democracy 4\data\simconfig.txt

I don’t really think that the line ‘CAPITAL_FROM_EMERGENCY = 12’ has any impact on game. PC from popularity does exist but one from majority never worked as intended afaik.


yes you can tangle with coalition offer bonus but I guess these wouldn’t be helpful.


you can definitely mess with PC refill rate from ministers. but this is far from PC from emergency powers for sure.

there are also some costs too but I don’t think they will give what you want. fyi, I tried giving negative values to reshuffle and fire minister costs and, interestingly, they do actually give PC when using. I had thought about using this knowledge to turn ‘fire minister’ into ‘I want PC point right now even with harsh penalties’ button by adding more grudges to data/simulation/scripts/fire_minister.txt but not sure what would be nice for negative impacts.

  1. yeah. just open the policy.csv and increase normal income to intended level. if you wanted to let those taxes generate 25% more revenue, change their income value 1.25 times bigger. then make sure to give multipliers with default value of 1/1.25 = 0.8

+I red your original post again and if what you want is some PC boost at start or after election wins, the closest thing you could do would be increasing honeymoon approval boost(HONEYMOON_HAPPINESS = 0.07) super high so that players can at least get some PC regen from high popularity. but obviously this will mess with approval ratings and party membership for a while.