Mods not appearing

Hello, I’m currently having problems with mods on Democracy 3. I usually like to have quite a few mods to make the game more interesting.

Currently I am subscribed to 34 different mods from the steam workshop although only 11 are showing up in the mods section (4 of these are the DLCs - Clones & Drones, Electioneering, Extremism and Social Engineering). I have tried using the refresh content button many times and have also reinstalled the game several times. I also tried going through all the mods and unsubscribing from each and then resubscribing hoping that this would fix it but it doesn’t.

Please help! Thanks.

Hi, it should be possible to have unlimited mods. I’ve posted a screenshot showing what the mod interface should look like with more than 11 mods:

If they are not all appearing then you should open this file:

\my documents\my games\democracy3\debug\debug.txt. In there you should see something like this:

[code][20:18:4:515]- STEAMWORKS: 18 files enumerated for workshop

[20:18:4:515]- STEAMWORKS:Requesting workshop subscription 0…

[20:18:4:515]- STEAMWORKS:Requesting workshop subscription 1…

[20:18:4:516]- STEAMWORKS:Requesting workshop subscription 2…[/code]

Which shows the game checking all the mods are downloaded. This should list all of them.
If it is not working correctly try deleting the following files:

\my documents\my games\democracy3\mod_dates.ini
\my documents\my games\democracy3\mod_status.ini

That will re-synchronize the game with steam and force it to check on the installed status of all your mods, rather than rely on local data. That should fix it :smiley:

That sorted it, thank you! 45 mods :D.