More varied fighter strategies.

Specifically, I was thinking of a repair device placeable in a Fighters Hard Point, that repairs your ships. Not the Fighters, but Frigates and Cruisers, otherwise you could just have an infinite repairing Fighter loop…
Probably most people would just have the fighters escort their Cruisers, but you could make it so that it comes with more tactics that only ‘unlock’ when using a Fighter with the repair device.

I personally only use fighters right now to escort my Cruisers, and wish I could get more use out of them. It feels like a waste that the repair devices are cruiser only and can only repair themselves.

I can imagine a Cruiser/Fighter combo, Cruiser with the Reinforced cargo bay, Fighters repairing the Cruisers damage, and retreating inside when needed.

or how about, a fighter order to a squadron that says:

“Dog fighters, attack the fighters that attack this fighter!”

Or an order that orders the fighters to have several successive guard orders.
as in: “guard ship A, if distroyed priority shifts to guard ship B” etc.

To OP for fighters, considering tribe already.

However, you should support the MECHS. Just as tribe can do repair 1 class less, mechs can do shields on 1 class less. its the next best equivalent.