[Suggestion] repairing other ships of the fleet

Creating a module like the nano/armour repair module which repairs other ships of your own fleet (if they are in a specific distance)

  • weaker in repair power as normal nano-repair
  • more repair supplys
  • very high amout of mass/energy
  • medium amount of HP
  • limited range (about 50-150?)
  • takes up a weapon-slot

the idea is to create a true support vessel, combine this with fighter bays and you a utility-vessel honouring it’s name

and perhaps a adv. version of the fleet-repair-module?
which could repair 2 ships at the same time? or just a small stat buff.

Interesting idea. So you can have a squad of “repair” Frigates all tending to a cruiser.
or a squad of speedy fighters dodging fire and repairing a ship.

I like this idea.
Though I think some sort of repair laser would work quite well. With a large recharge time and power consumption but without any need for supplies.

Maybe a play on the fusion beam, where the beam fuses the hull back together, along with bloated repair drones, with better engines and more fuel, that fly between ships, welding as they go.

Or how about a fighter pod that launches repair/sabotage drones instead of missiles?