My First Impression and Feedback

Hi so I finally get to try the game and overall I find it enjoyable.My expectations more or less were met. I became interested on the game after seeing the gameplay videos and I find the it pretty cool especially the part where you could choose to play as a defender on a map that you previously played as the attacker.Customizing units and creating maps pretty much sold it for me and made me preorder and give it a try,having said that I find the deployment tab sort of difficult or inconvenient to use especially if you have a lot of customized units already made.
I know there’s already a thread for it and for sure it would be addressed on future patches.If I may suggest though if there isn’t one already have a shortcut key (aside from the button) to hide and show the deployment unit tab.And also if possible to extend the map boundaries of what can be seen when fully zoomed out because the ui covers parts of the playing area.
Another request is to have a shortcut key to to toggle on and off all units’ hp on screen.I don’t know if its a deliberate design choice to not allow players to see the actual hp of the enemy units but it would be great again if one isn’t implemented or is planned already to have a shortcut key to see them on screen.
It would also be great if we can assign units to selection groups to manage units on the fly.
And lastly and I hope I can get some answer for this.Is there a plan to implement a mode where you can go head to head either with an AI or a player?I mean attacking and defending at the same time.I don’t know how easy or difficult it would be or if it’s even possible to add such a feature but please please and pretty please have this.
So yeah guess that would be it for now,again overall I’m pretty satisfied and happy with the game as it is but its the beta so there are some issues here and there but for sure all would be fixed by patches.Looking forward to future updates Have a good day.

The ‘h’ and ‘d’ keys turn on health bars (friendly units only) and toggle the deployment strip. A patch should come on sunday which adds configurable deployment groups and will thus vastly improve deployment UI for hardcore players.
Implementing real-time multiplayer to a game is a massive, massive headache compared to a singleplayer game, so it’s unlikely that will be added any time soon.

Its just a thought, but single player with the recorded games is much like multi-player, well… certainly different than having just single player campaigns like games did in the past. I really like the online experience alot. There are lots of different challenges and everyone can make one, which is cool. :slight_smile:

That is just my two cents,


“Implementing real-time multiplayer…”

If nothing else, you could do it just on one computer. Make a UI addition for it and allow a second player to push number keys or use the arrow keys to select and send units. This could alternatively be called ‘Experimentation Mode’, in which a player tests attacking and defending units against each other.