Suggestion for the Attacker's deployment + Visual effects

At last I caved in and bought the game. I thought it was pretty good at first but then I tried an online challenge and it was awesome! I really glad I bought this game.

I have a small idea for the attacker’s deployment which is as follows:
When I am busy watching the battle, I like to zoom in and watch stuff going on but I need to constantly push troops through the lines so I have to go back and fourth which is a bit annoying at times. Would be nice if you could see the deployment boxes (in the correct order) above your unit selection screen at the bottom. So I can basically drag and drop troops on there without having to scroll over to the deployment zone itself. Sort of like a shortcut, it sounds very lazy but it would be quite nice. Just some small boxes that serve the same purpose just that they follow your screen around so you can drop in troops regardless of where you are actually looking. The maps aren’t that big so of course I can manage without.

I also like the desert heat wave effect it adds a bit of detail to the levels but it can get a bit annoying when you are looking at the map since it feels a bit blurry. Would be nice if you could turn that off or make it so that the heat wave effect doesn’t affect tiles where the attackers are walking.

Other then that, this game is amazing already and I can’t wait for the full release!