My Ideas for Democracy 3

Another idea is that we should be able to set targets to our ministers without having to actually do them ourselves. For an example, if the player believes setting the interest rate to be at -0.1% will help the economy grow, he or she can tell the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The minister will automatically do this in the background whilst the player continues to play.

I really like these ideas!

I’m personally having a hard time with Democracy 3 Africa which has intensified an issue prevalent in the original game: First Term Assassinations.

No one likes to have to restart the game several times playing the same 10 or so turns after an Assassination, or even worse, save scumming.
But we all do it because these are the only solutions.

(The amount of times I’ve been killed by feminists, after using all my capital to invest in Maternity Leave (and Family Planning) on the first turn … it’s getting close to altering my real world view of feminists lol - but only because I play this game so damn much!)

The last thing I would want is to change balancing in the game, that is unrealistic. The truth is you get assassinated because it takes time for policies to filter through your population and reach their maximum effect, which is true to real life.

Which is why I think my solution is more elegant and true to the real world: Advertising!

When a Government wants to make its citizens aware of major changes to policy, they advertise it! (Especially in the UK/EUROPE/USA)

Introduce an Advertising Budget Tab that can be used to spend money on Advertising certain policies to increase the speed at which the effects of that policy occur. Genius right? and true to life :slight_smile:

Also: a back button, to return you to the previous screen you were on would be great. In the top right of every window is an ‘X’ button, if there was a ‘<-’ button in the top left it would make life much easier.