Some suggestions

I have to say I really like the game, as I have really liked all your games I’ve tried (most of them.) One of the things I thought was largely missing from Democracy 2 though, was much discussion of the media in policies, or in game functions. Besides the mention of ad campaigns in promoting your manifesto, it seems like this is missing.

Would it be possible to have the option to “sell” a policy decision to the public? This would allow the option to spend money on an ad campaign, sending your advisors out to be interviewed, and so forth. If it worked (probably based on voter cynicism?) it would allow the policy change to be viewed more positively across the board for some amount of time (6 months perhaps.) If it failed, it would have the opposite effect, increase voter cynicism and make the voters mad. I would guess you could only sell at most one decision per turn, or possibly per few turns.

Coming from a US citizen, having policies like establish a publically funded media source (radio or TV) would be a good (and controversial) policy. Also having other options like how much the government would influence the media, would help establish those cults of personality.

Anyway, great game, just my two cents.

Maybe there could be a policy that just promotes the governments image. After all, political capital IS spent in the real world on ‘getting our message accross’. It could be a policy that had no real effect on any real-world data, but just improved your popularity with ‘everyone’ at the expense of maybe some political capital (time and effort by the ruling party).
It’s something I need to think about with regards how to best integrate that side of things into the game.