My Own Game: Lordempires

Hey guys, made my own game! (which also explains why i have not been around so much) I have been planning this game for over a year now and finally i released it and it is in Beta v2.5 stage now. Although not totally completed it is more than playable.

Basically it is a text based strategy game (so if you love loads of graphics and sound, forget this one). You take on the role of a ruler in the middle ages, build up your city, organize trades, connect roads and hopefully can go around and bully some neighbor You can also form a clan for better defense of your city. Allot of other things in the game such as religion and country politics. I recommend this game for people which like deep strategy games.

Allot of features are not in yet and i know it is not user friendly (working on the tutorials and adding help pages on the site now) but i am sure it is worth a look into.

Here is the site link:

If you find any problems post them in the game forums (or here if you are lazy, lol)


Looks intresting. I have made an account and will soon read the guide. Don’t know if this is my kind of game, though. I prefer games with more graphics, even if the graphics are only images wich has no effect on gameplay what so ever :stuck_out_tongue:
I love the detail in the game and can’t wait to start building stuff and attack people :slight_smile:

Edit: I noticed a typo. On manual -> Update. It says “There will be the opportunity to initiate 3 attacks per day. Each will be every 8 hours. Once is at 12PM, one at 8AM and one at 4PM (so basically we have 3 turns to act per day for war, but only one economic turn per day” twice on the same page :slight_smile:

Yeah there are several typos i think, i am waiting for the damn lead coder to make it possible for me to edit those pages, and you are right about the graphics, i plan to add plenty more once the game is totally done, just was not much of a priority so far

started playing this one, looks good so far