Light of Altair Questions

I am wondering if Light of Altair is also DRM Free?

Also, are there people here that have bought and played it to tell what it is like?

I have not palyed a demo of it as I always assume DRM unless otherwise stated on programs.


I’ve played a demo of it, and it was fun. Starts off as colony-building sim world sort of thing, with a bit of additional diplomacy (whoever gets X on a world first ‘owns’ it, and there’s various competition about this), and then the demo skips ahead a few thousand years or so, and it’s added on a reasonable, although not brilliant, real time 4x strategy overlay sort of game, closer to Sins of a Solar Empire than anything else, I suppose, but since you get a lot of detail on the asteroids/planets themselves, not exactly like anything else, I suppose. It also reminds me strongly of K240/Fragile Alleigance if you’ve played those.

I’ve got no idea whether it was DRM free, but if there was some, it wasn’t intrusive. Whether it did stuff I’m not aware of, of course, I cannot say, but if you like that style of game it was fun to play the demo and I suggest you put in the effort to at least find out whether you too can play the demo without DRM hitting you.

Thanks for the reply, it is very helpful. Now I only need to find out if it has DRM or not.