My thoughts

Just got the game recently, played GSB on and off for a while.

  1. Infantry pricing cheats you out of resources when defending. In the unit design screen, an infantryman may cost 25 credits. A pack of 20 will cost 500 when attacking, or 500 when defending… but if I drop that 500 credits of infantrymen into an end trench slot, I may only get 4 or 5 of them, at 125 or 100 credits per Johnny.

  2. Changing unit pathing is time consuming- it seems like I have to select them one by one or a few at a time. It’d be nice if you could (as an attacker) set a default route for each “start” square to follow, rather than having to manually redirect every unit when it’s placed. I find myself too busy dropping and directing units to spend time zoomed in enjoying all the explosions.

  3. Divisions are great, but I could use more of them. I have infantry designs for attacking, and infantry designs for defending (armor/boot differences). I don’t need to see both sets of designs in the same battle. I also have “fast” and “slow” tank & mech designs, and a few different gradations of turrets. I could do with 2 divisions for tanks & mechs, and a couple of individual groups for turrets. I know I can manually assign things to divisions, but unless I’m missing something, I won’t get any buttons on the bottom of the screen to select them with.

  4. We need a bit more margin at the bottom and left sides of the screen. I’ve had unit deployment squares and exits be nearly completely blocked by the UI on a couple of maps… the ability to scroll a bit farther so that I can see everything I need to would be nice.

Great game, just my suggestions for some minor improvements.

Hi, you shouldn’t actually be charged points for units that aren’t dropped into emplacements.
Regarding custom divisions, you won’t get buttons for them, but you can rapidly cycle through the using tab or shift+tab.

Ah-hah… a test looking specifically at the infantry cost issue revealed that you are correct. However, you can’t place infantry unless you have the supply points to afford a full squad of 20… so a squad of 20 that costs 700 points is not available when I have 688, even if I’m only going to be deploying 80 points’ worth.

sound like a bug fix is needed

Experimentation suggests that machine guns are better than flame throwers both for exterminating infantry groups (heavy flamer worse than light MG) and for penetrating shields. My medium-sized heavy flamer turret wasn’t even killing any infantry on some of its shots, just knocking off armor.
Other than maybe doing more internal damage (which MGs do fine anyway) I don’t see a use for them.

I suggest reviewing their actual DPS and/or making them into a line-of-effect weapon to hit multiple enemy units at once?

its not a bug, but deliberate design. Units are greyed out if you cannot afford them, which makes sense, otherwise it would be chaos,. but you might have ONE slot where a single soldier can go, but plenty where he would not, so you would then have a problem of being able to select a unit buy only place it in certain locations, which isn’t very intuitive and a bit annoying, which is why I went with the current system :smiley:

On offense, infantry are deployed in squads of 20.
On the defense, what’s the maximum that will fit in any terrain tile? I think the T-shaped trench tile holds the most, at somewhere around 12. If that’s the correct number, then you could lower the “infantry placement” price cap from 20 to 12 on defense without causing any confusion.