Nations' Policies: Where is the Gendarmerie?

If there will be a new patch, some nations’ original policies need to be looked through.

Foremost, the UK, France and Germany currently have no armed police, which is hardly realistic. Since this policy is very hard to enable (50 PC), crime fighting in these scenarios gets too difficult. The French Gendarmerie is particularly known for military training and weapons.

Even though it’s not a critical issue per se, I’m kinda agreeing with that, but on a way larger basis : the cultural and political habits of countries, and how their inhabitants reacts to specific policies.

An example coming to mind is the negative impact ID cards have on “Liberals” voters. It may be frowned upon or even strongly opposed in countries such as the UK or the US (understandably, considering their tradition of relatively limited government involvements with such a matter), but in France, for example, basically nobody have a problem with that, it’s culturally deep-rooted within the society and no-one is perceiving it as a threat for individual rights and freedom.
Another example, the same applies for guns control, most of the European countries doesn’t have a real issue about that, and it doesn’t pisses off our “liberals” as a whole as much as it does in the US, for example. It’s a cultural norm.

Depending where it’s applied, most policies are perceived differently by the citizens. A liberal in country X doesn’t necessarily have the same scale of values as a liberal in country Y. It may sounds obvious and logical, but I don’t know if that topic has already been discussed (if so, I’m sorry if it’s redundant).
I’m aware it could be a pain to be dealt with (I guess it actually requires to do a lot of research about countries’ specificities), but I think such a fine-tuning is something critical to ensure balanced, realistic and interesting scenarios. Because beyond the original policies and voters composition, that’s actually what makes politics different from one country to another.