Need help with mod I am creating


I just got the game and decided to make mods for it straight away. I watched tutorials and later got the modding tool, but I still can’t get my mod to work. The game crashes or mod won’t appear. I need someone to check my code and links between each file because I just can’t understand where the problem is…

EDIT: All my problems have been solved, I can now work on more and better quality content. A new thread for the mod will be created.


this was easy to solve, no commas but tabstops and all " are missing
instead of

#	genderdiscriminationact	Gender discrimination act	gpa	Write something about this policy.		23	13	35	8	WELFARE	0	135		0	0	0		#Effects	Patriarchy	0+(-0.08*x)	GendreEquity	0+(0.25*x)	Religious	0+(-0.1*x)	

you have to write policies like this

#,genderdiscriminationact,Gender discrimination act,gpa,"Write something about this policy.",,23,13,35,8,WELFARE,0,135,,0,0,0,,#Effects,"Patriarchy,0+(-0.08*x)","GendreEquity,0+(0.25*x)","Religious,0+(-0.1*x)"
sliders like this

#,gpa,DISCRETE,4,Illegal,Sterile couples,Homosexual couples,All

and simulations like this

#,Patriarchy,Patriarchy,"Write something about this simulation.",WELFARE,0.5,0,1,HIGHBAD,#,#,"_All_,0+(1*x)"

didn’t try if it works, but probably should


Ok, thanks, solved that so the game doesn’t crash anymore but the mod doesn’t appear in-game… Also, I’m having trouble getting my .dds icons to load in the mod tool


No problem, could you upload the last version of your mod?
Then i could take a look


Here you go.

EDIT: All my problems have been solved, I can now work on more and better quality content. A new thread for the mod will be created.


So, the simulations appear,
there was no feminismpack.txt for the modfolder, but the one from the first version works
and you forgot to put the policy icons into the bitmap folder, it’s empty.
i copied them over from the first version and after restarting the game Motherhood Surrogacy has an icon
religious sexist practice ban looks like a naming error, you changed the name of the policy but didn’t change the name of the icon

some have no icon (?)

and somehow

won’t work, icon is there , the name is correct. looks like a problem i have with my own mod,
there’s exact one icon which won’t work. i have no solution for that, sorry for that :wink:
looks pretty solid, both DLCs work, vanilla game works. keep it coming


Still missing a few icons I need to add. Then I’ll add dilemmas and political and radical groups. I still can’t get the mod to work on my side though, nothing appears in-game (only have it in mod list)… How come you do?

EDIT: All my problems have been solved, I can now work on more and better quality content. A new thread for the mod will be created.


From the policies only equal salary has an icon ingame now
are you sure you have the modfolder in the right place?
don’t know about win since i haven’t installed dem3 on my win pc, but the folder structure should be the same.
on os x the mod folder belongs right here if you put it into the folder or anywhere else you have to change the path in the mods txt file


I managed to make everything work. It was only a few stupid misspellings. Here’s the new version.
Things I still need to do:

  • rework icons
  • add descriptions
  • add dilemmas, events and political groups
  • and overrides
  • test, tweak and improve all aspects
    Feminism pack.rar (27.4 KB)


In general, there is much difference between feminist movements. In general, liberal feminists would more often side with capitalists, while radical feminists would side with socialists.

Frauenrat, the dominant feminist organization in Germany, wouldn’t say that legalized prostitution is bad for equality.


I want to keep it simple to avoid disturbing the game balance and overall feel (can’t put too many icons for this while there are only 3 for race discrimination)… I wanted to add a “matriarchal society”, women/men and feminist voter groups and “gender equity” that opposes itself to “gender equality” but had to give it up. That only leaves me with having to determine which part of the population would best represent feminists (the solution was: liberals). Capitalists are oversimplified as being in love with the freedom to make money so I stuck to that and they are happy over commercialization of the human body. That’s why I’ll make overrides for vanilla game policies. Radicals will be represented through pressure groups, dilemmas and events as they don’t represent a sufficient amount of the population.