New BETA patch (1.23)

Hi everyone, here is a new BETA patch for the game. This patch addresses a number of balance issues that have been discussed, and adds a new policy (Space Program). It’s only a beta, because I want to hear peoples feedback on the changes before rolling it out to the main version. You need to already have version 1.22 to install it. … 23BETA.exe


Married Tax Allowance now makes parents happier ------I like that
University grants make parents happier --------Agreed
Increased probability of prison riot event -----This didn’t happen with me, what are it’s conditions?
Reduced positive effects of legal aid policy -----That’s alright I guess
Bailing out company dilemma now costs money ----Haha, yea, seemed kinda silly otherwise. :smiley:
Creationism policy now affects technological backwater and technological advantage situations ----I don’t like this
what does evolution really do to increase science?
Oil prices now affect the chances of the petrol protests situation -----I suppose that’s reasonable.
Reduced effectiveness of free buss passes for retired people
New Space Program policy. ----I REALLY like this. More realism and another good policy.
(Quite note, you spelled well with 3 l’s).

Might I make a suggestion also, that you create a “normal” branch of the game and a dev branch so that
A. We don’t lose our normal installations. and B. So that you can do more tweaks and stuff.

thanks for the feedback. I got some feedback that the evolution / creationism thing basically helps encourage kids to learn science or not, depending on how much its promoted in schools and this should be reflected in the scientific performance of the economy in the long term. I think this sounds pretty likely, but have no real evidence to back it up. Anyone else have a view on this?

Creationism/science probably doesn’t have a mojor effect in reality, since religious beliefs are often more influemced by self or parents than school. However, I like like because it adds something more to a policy with only 2 main effects.

Some good changes. Ideas for space Program:
Cost a bit less, Space is expensive but not quite so expensive + it loses its usefulness
Areospace boom Event more likely
Required for Rocket crash
Event where “sucessful space mission” gains lots of patiot + everyone support, patriot membership increased

Other things that could go into the update:
dilema where you interfere in a foriegn bank to protect your customers(based on the UK moving its Icelandic bank savers)
More of a Downside to lowering motorway funding
More of a downside to lowering labour laws(such as lower LowIncome as the employers cut wages)
A situation if you over fund the police/give police too much power, I made so that it increased liberal membership/made liberals unhappy
Downside to Telecommuting(productivity?)
Make spending £20M on stem cells not casue tech backwater
Stem cells raise lifespan(slighlty)
Expand immigration:Raise productivity, raise farmers happiness(cheap labour)
Few more foreign relations dilemas and events:CO2 trading, foriegn brain drain(caused by Tax shelter, happy wealthy),International Anti-terrorism organisation(caused by high terrorism, unpopular),
Maybe agrecultural subsides lowers foreign relations
Maybe foreign relations effects oil supply
I made finacial regulation an uncancleable policy, which is an increadably simple version of the real world, but basically makes Market meltdown more likely(I’m planning on many more), but raises GDP, wealthy & Capitalists happiness.
Proof for Global warming, Event which increases environmentalist membership
Maybe tight handgun laws should lower Vigilantee mobs
An expensive C02 offset policy, which sells your C02 abroard, costing lots but not many votes.
Tobbaco law doesn’t really make any somkers unhappy except the ones who are too young to vote! eg -0.3*(x^3) would be better
Same with alcohol law except more eg -0.4*(x^2)
Alcohol & tobacco tax should lower poor earning, since in a country with major benifits for poor there aren’t going to be any major increases in poverty.
Black market could be for tobbaco tax,alcohol tax, sales tax, maybe alcohol law with low strength ect, handgun laws, narcotics and border controlls. Could cause organised crime?
random events which build up global warmings effects, oil shortages and ect
Inner city riots are caused by the poor being unhappy
Probably more of an idea for a mod…
New Voter groups;racist and ethnic minority
There could be an interesting mission like '50s & '60s USA where lots of dilemas make you choose between a lot of votes and huge racial tension

Perhaps I have said too much…

When I patched the game it failed. I then noticed I only have version 1.17 and I need 1.22
Where do I find patch 1.22 so I can then update to the beta 1.23



in that case you need to redownload the whole game (its the easiest way), that will get you the very latest copy.

I am running V1.21 and just noticed this Beta patch. When I try to use the download link from my original order I get a password expired message. If I can’t re-download the full package what do I need to do to upgrade to 1.23?

just email me at and I can reactivate the download for you.


I have been playing the beta for about a week. I have noticed something, if I may? When I was up for reelection I made promises that I can not keep. For example I choose to cut corperate tax by so much. However, I canceled the corp. tax a few playes long before I was up for reelection. That happened with both of my choises. I turned off the game at that point since I was thinking it might end up freezing my computer once it realized the options were not compatible with the currnet situations. Something to look into.

God Bless,
Trent Hackbarth


One thought on how to recreate my problem… I had all the people groups “religious, environmental…ect” all set to zero. So there would be little controversy…Please for give the bad spelling… Thanks again for a good game…

God Bless,
Trent Hackbarth
Keep me updated on the response to fix this problem please…God Bless Merry Christmas<><