[New Countries] North Korea & South Korea *WIP* 01/11 UPDATE

I’ve been working on my North Korea mod. South Korea will follow later.
I thought it would be a welcome addition to the increasing amount of country mods already out there and another interesting one in terms of should you continue North Korea’s ‘military first’ approach?
Will you increase your control over society? Or dismantle the regime and bring about change.
Should South Korea take steps in unification, provide more aid, export more products, increase social welfare, spend more on their space program and decrease corruption?
Obviously that decision will be yours to decide upon release.

Hi all! For those who celebrated, Happy Halloween! Aside from that, studies have kept me away but here’s whats included in the North Korea mod:
(These are subject to change.)

New policies
Propaganda – Thanks joaco335!
Nuclear Weapons
Arms Development - Thanks to riley_metcalfe!
Special Economic Zones
Kaesong Industrial Region
Political Prison Camps (e.g. Camp 22)
Food Distribution
Automobile Permits
Office 38 – mainly oversees transactions involving foreign currency, hotels and trade. Secret government organization that maintains the foreign currency slush of North Korea’s leader.
Office 39 – drives revenue by dealing in narcotics, arms, natural resources and others.

Sanctions – Thanks ersner!
Corruption – Thanks joaco335!
Human Rights Violations
Drug Trafficking
Power Struggle
Resistance Movement
Rampant Inflation

Dennis Rodman visits North Korea!
Arirang Mass Games

Connection Fixes
State Schools affect popularity with Parents.
Unemployment affects popularity with Capitalist and Everybody group.
Unemployment affects Middle Income group.
Junk Food Tax also affects Poor, Middle Income, Retired.
Junk Food Tax affects Middle Income pay.
Health food subsidies affects popularity with State Employees and Parents.
State Pensions affect popularity with Socialists.
Disability Benefits affects popularity with Socialists.
CO2 emission affects environment.
Welfare Fraud Department affects popularity with Wealthy, Capitalist and Conservatives.
Equality affects popularity with Ethnic Minorities.
Equality affects Racial Tension.
Alcohol Law affects popularity with Conservatives.
Unemployment affects Immigration.
Crime and Violent Crime affects Immigration.
Education affects Immigration.
Poor, Middle and High Earnings affects popularity with Poor, Middle Income and Wealthy groups respectively.
Recycling helps reduce unemployment. (Needs workers.)
Income Tax on earnings affects GDP.
Work Safety Law affects Wealthy group popularity. (Wealthy seen as the big business owners.)
High Productivity affects Corporate Exodus.
Poor, Middle Income, and High Earnings affects GDP.

As mentioned the game only allows ANSI encoding in .txt files, no unicode unfortunately so no special characters like ₩, the symbol for the North and South Korean Won are allowed.
What this means is all financial data is converted into US dollars. The game has a habit of overlapping letters and numbers. Korean money runs into the trillions so all those zeros are squashed into a small area.

I’ve already implemented most of the statistics in-game, done some finetuning and I’m now working on the other areas mentioned.
Funnily enough, for a country shrouded in secrecy there is quite a lot of info from various sources. From government and news media agencies, to independent studies, to informants and organisations close to the border.
If there’s one thing I’ve taken from playing and modding Democracy 3 is the potential to learn a great deal about other countries from a game and using that initiative and curiosity to delve deeper. Not in a scholarly sense but enough to pique your interest and arm you with some knowledge to use down the pub on your mates or dazzle the rest on quiz night! Who knows you might even go and visit a country of interest in real life.

Anyway, last but not least thanks for making a great game Cliff!

These countries are an excellent idea, I’m really looking forward to being able to add them to the game :smiley:

As an American who lives in South Korea I’m rather interested to try the SK one.

This mod looks like a lot of fun!
Although I don’t agree on ‘‘Work Safety Law affects Wealthy group popularity. (Wealthy seen as the big business owners.)’’. Doesn’t the big business owners fall better under the category Capitalists?

Hi, I’m new here and I just bought the game 2 days ago and I tried to create a North Korea mod too !
I saw there is a South Korea mod on the steam workshop with new policies and dillemas etc… but it doesn’t work very well in parralel with a north korea mod (because we can be well seen by north korea…) so we need to activate one mod at a time !

My “mod” it’s still under construction and I still have a lot of trouble modding the game , I had the same problems with overlapping numbers and letters and Won Symbol… But, I don’t think it’s really important, we can use USD or euro (why not? Tourists use euros in that country).

Since North Korea is a very closed country, we don’t have all statistics about it…

Better than Wikipedia for statistics?
the world factbook
United Nations stats

so the changes would be:
Litteracy rate: 100% (2008 est.)
(we can find 99% on wikipedia but it was from 1991)

GDP per capita, so we have 1800USD (CIA) or 506USD (UN)
“The factbook projected data from a 1999 OECD study to estimate North Korea’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2011 to be $1,800 per capita.
It puts growth at 0.8%. However, U.N. estimates for 2011 put per capita GDP at $506 and growth at -0.1.”
( edition.cnn.com/2013/04/09/busin … explainer/ )

no average wage statistics here… but I found with google 30 to 50 USD per month for a family, but this is not an official statistics…
( one article among others: atimes.com/atimes/Korea/ND25Dg03.html we can’t count it as a reliable source)

Unknown !

I tried to find the most reliables sources for this mod as you can see :wink: (no wikipedia or whatsoever)

after I completed the mission’s policies … I’ve found some paradoxes:
Asthma epidemic: bad environment, lot of cars, pollution ? In real life it’s pretty rare to see cars in north korea, I don’t think pollution is a big deal… (except soil pollution, it makes farming difficult in noth korea…)
Ratial tension? Air travel? Should not exist
Creationism vs Evolution? Well it’s here by default, but I think it should not be here (not taught)
Corporate exodus: I don’t think it’s allowed by the north korean government.
Same for Tax evasion and brain drain
ethnic minorities should not affect the game at all, there is probably no minorities in north korea.

then I simply deleted all the taxes, I don’t really know what taxes I should put here… :frowning:

Ministers with religious sympathies… well, it was curious to play France with that (it’s not allowed in France…) so it’s even more weird for North Korea.

Well… there some other things missing here obviously as propaganda and other dilemmas that are not included to the game YET…
and maybe others things to lower crime even more.

It can be hard to mod different countries especially regarding the religious group. They’re essentially Protestant fundamentalists (the Catholic Church doesn’t mind gambling unless done to excess or unless the wager is unfair or cheating is involved and in Japan even the more religious people don’t mind abortion because there’s some religious ceremony that in their view makes it OK).

I can help provide any statistics needed - I am Canadian and live in DPRK.
(feel free to read that multiple times - I can provide proof if required)
(yes, we do have the internet here. it’s often faster than in china and uncensored.)

I can’t wait until this gets finished! Thanks for posting an update.

I would really want to download it. How could i download it?

SEOUL: The two Koreas opened a hotline between their leaders Friday, a week before a summit between North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and the South’s President Moon Jae-in in the Demilitarized Zone.North and South Korea open hotline between leaders