South Korea

Since this country will be the one to get released next I started thinking about the charateristics of this asian country and I remembered that it has a big issue with suicides between elders and students, so it would be nice to have a red bubble to represent this even for other countries (maybe triggered by poverty and pro-employer legislation and maybe reduced by a state funded suicide prevention hotline). The country obliviously borders with North Korea so will we have some special policies for this situation? for example choosing how much the border is armed, how much softness or toughness is used in diplomacy concerning reunification matters and a policy to “ban communism” (a “ban fascism” policy could be a fun addition to the game too and should be marignally active in countries like Italy and more harshly in Germany), another particular thing of south korea is that they have a mandatory draft so a policy like that should definitely be added, thank you for reading and for your work.

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Currently, the mental health sim is going to be added. As for ban communism, that could be reflected through banning socialism through a mod. As for banning fascism, I don’t think that would be possible as fascists are not modelled. But you could achieve something similar by banning patriotism and conservatism, as patriots are considered to be ultranationalists in game and conservatives are considered to be authoritarians.

While I’m not sure why your are necroposting a year-old thread, it seems there are some good points in the original post that would have been nice if they had been addressed.

  • SK-NK border, known as the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) or Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), is nothing less than a heavily militarized border wall. Therefore most Koreans will find it rather weird to see the Border Wall as an available policy. It’s so heavily defended that some even consider SK an island. I would too agree if someone proposed that the land border prereq should be removed from the South Korea mission.
  • Not sure if unique border policies and/or reunification issue should have been addressed but it also would have been nice if done properly.
  • SK mod in Democracy 3 had the National Security Act as an unique policy, which is some kind of an anti-communism law in Korea. This would have been a nice policy addition or maybe dilemma. I’d expect this to be added if the game gets to have more country-specific dilemmas (iirc US/Germany/Australia have 1 unique dilemma each, and UK has 2 or 3 unique events).
  • Regarding a draft, Korea in D4 has the National Service policy enabled so it’s already there! However, it seems most players here think its slider scale is way too low and some find it weird that it has no impact on the NK threat situation. This would be a simple and nice addition I guess?
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You’re right, sorry about the necroposting. I usually write directly to the author of the post for them to create a new post with the same topic, but I just thought that this would be interesting to bring up again.