New gamemode (suggestion)

(this board needs a suggestion forum for gtb)

bought the game, liked it, played some more, tried modding, failed miserably, played some more and got an idea.

i know you (Cliffski) have mentioned briefly that you have an idea to make a gamemode that plays a bit like gsb, where two armies battle against eachother. but what i am suggesting is to keep the mechanics you have in the gamemodes now and just add it together so that each player has access to both offencive and defencive units.

a typical scenario would play like this; each side has one base. the goal is the same as in the gamemode you have now, to get your units past the enemy defences. The twist here is that you have to keep the enemy out of your base at the same time. The team that scores the most victory points is the winner.

the maps have to be designed with fewer defencive positions, so that no team gets an impenetrable defence. the maps would probably also need to be a bit bigger to fit both those bases.

thats about all i got at the moment. as this is a community forum, feel free to come with your own ideas and suggestions (and even say if you think my idea is stupid)

Ooh. Good idea.

I know that while the game was still in development, Cliff Harris had this idea of a mode where both sides essentially played as attackers, throwing waves of troops directly at each other. A shame nothing ever came of that mode.

I second the both ideas as well, good ones :slight_smile: