New Section For Game Development

well first of all a BIG hi !! to all i’ve just registered and like others i am too a fan of Cliff’s games K2 being my favorite and right now i am downloading demo of GSB let’s see how it is… well now what i really wanted to speak(i mean, to type:) —
Since this is a forum of a indie game website shouldn’t there be a separate section for discussion of game dev and for helping others in game dev…and i really wanted to know how kudos was made(well…not like step by step tuts but more of like a description like software used programming language etc…)…hope cliff listens to me…

Hi! I’m one of the probably numerous people who jumped into the community. I want to make some small casual games, but for the life of me, I can’t come up with any. If you ask me for a big kind of game, I could offer a few different ideas, but I know that starting out with a big project would be stupid, and I really just want to make a small game and feel the satisfaction of having it done within a couple of weeks. I want to work on something, anything, but something that’s also important for me is working on my own. I don’t yet want to join any team or anything like that. Anyway, the question is. How do you come up with a game? What’s your process? Are there any books or anything that could help me on designing a game?
Thanks in advance.

thanx or replying thought that nobody here was interested in making games(apart from cliffski :stuck_out_tongue: ) but…well, now i know–
you were right about big games, start small…like me i started making flash games 2(or i think 3) years ago wen i was 14 and i still make flash games because i know that things like directX api (or whatever it is) are not really for me, i’ve tried many softwares but because of my lack of dedication i soon return back to flash.Well, nobody is stopping you from making big game but don’t do it unless you have lots and lots of dedication…
Now for your questions—
Q: How do you come up with a game?
it’s kinda hard to explain but most of my game ideas some randomly, like my latest project idea came when i was flying a paper plane while studying for my exams(hehehe:)
don’t think too hard in the beginning just take a small concept and develop over it for some days(or weeks) and meanwhile come up with a small prototype in your favorite tool(i’ll tell about them later)

Q:What’s your process?
like i said just come up with a prototype and start adding features to it until you are happy

Q:Are there any books or anything that could help me on designing a game?
frankly saying i never ever have reffered a book for making games, most of my(little amount) of knowledge is gained through
online tutorials.

So here is a list a of programs you can try for making games

Flash ( not free, a 3o day trial is there, but it’s worth the money if u start making gems)
Game maker (8th version coming out in a few days)( a free version is there)
Construct (in my opinion better than game maker)(uses python language)
Blitzbasic ( uses BASIC language though not free)
Love2d engine (uses lua programming language, easy in my opinion)(free)
novashell game engine (free)
unity 3d (free version available)
Multimedia Fusion (demo available)

here are some links for starting out

yawn…i feel sleepy… it’s 2 AM right now
i hope this helps you( and i hopefully some others and cliffski for making a separate section for game development in the forums :wink: